When bundling data whose only common ground is the spatial reference, many things must be considered and many topics included. It is important to note the legal basics, to find technical solutions and to speak a language that all participants speak. So that you too can inform yourself about these aspects, we present you some topics on this page and link to the detailed contents. Enjoy browsing!

About us

The Geoportal.rlp is a project of the Steering Committee for Spatial Data Infrastructure Rhineland-Palatinate. This is composed of representatives of the State Chancellery, the ministries and the municipal umbrella organizations. The State Data Protection Officer advises the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is assisted in the performance of its tasks and in the implementation of the GDI-RP by the central office of Geodata Infrastructure Rhineland-Palatinate in the State Office for Surveying and Geospatial Information (LVermGeo). The Central Office also manages the Geoportal.rlp. The contact details of the employees and their areas of responsibility can be found here.

Technical implementation of geoportal.rlp

The Geoportal.rlp has been almost completely implemented with open source software. Which software was used, you can read here.


The geoportal.rlp bundles data of different topics from different providers. An overview of how much data is incorporated by whom the geoPortal.rlp, you can find here.


This portal is all about geodata. If you want to know how many there are, what geodata actually is, what categories they are classified in, and how they are harnessed, they are right here.

Geodata Infrustructure

Here you can find out what a geodata infrastructure is, what it is intended for and how it ensures that the Rhineland-Palatinate data is combined with all other data from Europe.

Legal Basis

Here is an overview of the legal basis of GDI-RP.