Positive Effects of the INSPIRE Directive on the Evolution of Local and Regional SDIs


Armin Retterath / German Working Group for Geoservices, Frankfurt, Germany


Access to Spatial Data before INSPIRE

INSPIRE Download Services


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ATOM Feed Examples

INSPIRE Download Services in the German OpenData Portal


Access to Spatial Data before INSPIRE (1)

First option (raster & vector) - use standardized metadata (possible since 2007)


Access to Spatial Data before INSPIRE (2)

Second option (raster & vector) - use OGC Services

  • Vector: WFS 1.0.0 (2002), WFS 1.1.0 (2006)
  • Raster: WMS 1.0.0 (2000), WMS 1.1.0 (2001), WMS 1.1.1 (2002), WMS 1.3.0 (2006), WCS 1.0.0 (2005), WCS 1.1.0 (2006), WCS 1.1.1 (2007)

Access to Spatial Data before INSPIRE (3)

Faced problems:

  • Linking data from metadata is not very flexible (only one representation is possible)
  • The Directive specifies the usage of so called download services
  • In 2007 no generic WFS and WCS clients were available

INSPIRE Download Services (1)

Defined in the Technical Guidance Paper from June 2012


INSPIRE Download Services (2)

  • Pre-defined dataset download service

    • ATOM Implementation
    • WFS 2.0 Implementation

  • Direct-access download service

    • WFS 2.0 Implementation

INSPIRE Download Services (3)



Solution (1)

  • Implement one consistent approach

  • Easy to provide ... and

  • easy to use

Solution (2)

  • Decision: Use INSPIRE ATOM Feeds as standard way to distribute spatial data in local and regional SDIs

Things that have to be done:

  • Implementation of a ATOM Feed Proxy for
    • WMS sources
    • WFS 1.1.0 sources
    • Download urls from ISO19139 files

  • Implementation of a webclient to support the usage of the feeds
  • Seamless integration in the central geoportal application

Live Presentation (1)

Live Presentation (2)

Live Presentation (3)

ATOM Feed Examples (1)


ATOM Feed Examples (2)


ATOM Feed Examples (3)


ATOM Feed Examples (4)


INSPIRE Download Services in the German OpenData Portal

Conclusions (1)

  • The ATOM Feed based INSPIRE DLS proved itself in practise

  • Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Hesse provide more than 6000 INSPIRE compliant DLS

  • The users are happy to have a simple and harmonized interface for accessing distributed spatial data

Conclusions (2)

  • But:The usage is negligible in comparism to the usage of the central portal itself and the usage of the WMS :-(

  • ATOM Feed Client log (actived Oct 2014)

  • distribution



Armin Retterath