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AAA is a reference model that reunites AFIS (Amtliches Festpunkt-Informationssystem - Official Information System for Geodetic Reference Points), ALKIS (Amtliches Liegenschaftskataster-Informationssystem - Official Real Estate Cadastre Information System) and ATKIS (Amtliches Topographisches-Kartographisches Informationssystem - Official Topographic Cartographic Information System). This AdV owned project is aimed at the nation-wide uniform representation and description of geo topography and real estate cadastre based information.
Public administration is a platform that is geared towards executing rules and regulations and represents an indispensable part of social interaction.
AdV (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Vermessungsverwaltungen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland) - Working Committee of the Surveying Authorities of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany was founded in 1948 and represents the Federal State surveying agencies as well as the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Federal Ministry of Defence, Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction and Housing. AdV pursues the following objectives: - Definition of binding rules and regulations for a uniform approach in the creation, maintenance and further development of geodetic basic principles, topographic surveying of a country, the official cartographic information system, topographic national map series and the real estate cadastre - joint implementation of projects initiated across all federal states - cooperation geared at the development and application of technological methods - expert statements on draft laws - consulting services for theme-specific questions pertaining to organization, staff, training and examination related issues as well as issues treating the subject of cost efficiency – cooperation with branch related organizations as well as with geodetic education and research institutions – representation of the field of official surveying in Germany with the EU and with international organizations – cooperation with other countries, for instance, in the field of development aid
Aerial flight
Aerial flight means the systematic, all-encompassing and seamless remote sensing by aeroplane.
Aerial image
Aerial images are photographs made from aeroplanes or helicopters or with the help of sensors. These images need to be digitally post-processed for further use in GIS.
Affine Transformation
Geometric transformation of a Euclidean coordinate system into another (e.g., of digitizer coordinates into national coordinates) with rotation, translation and scaling as the key determining factors. Similarity in terms of form of geometric figures is safeguarded.
AFIS (Amtliches Festpunkt Informationssystem) - The Official Information System for Geodetic Reference Points is an information system managed by the Federal State surveying agencies that provides control data to describe position, centroid data and spot elevations.
Automated real estate and land register process EDP process jointly managed by the surveying agencies and the administration of justice of the Federal States of Bavaria, Thuringia, Saxony as a supplement to the nation-wide ALB process.
ALB (Automatisiertes Liegenschaftsbuch) - The Automated Land Register is a core element of the Real Estate Cadastre. It consists of data pertaining to parcels, real estate register data, building reference data, cadastral district and municipal authority inherent data, proprietor data and other data.
ALK (Automatisierte Liegenschaftskarte) - The Automated Real Estate Map is the digital graphic component of the Official Real Estate Cadastre providing surveying and map reference data. ALK and ALB form the basis for a whole range of other collections of data, for instance, on building (construction) obligations, contaminated sites, environmental protection and nature conservation.
Amtliches Liegenschaftskataster Informationssystem (ALKIS) - Official Real Estate Cadastre Information System is a standard digital geo topographic information system developed by AdV with the aim to integrate ALB and ALK into a uniform data model in analogy to the ATKIS model. Thus, ALKIS represents an information system based on a nation-wide applicable standard for the management of official geo reference data that conforms with the international ISO/TC 211 standards. ALKIS makes part of the AAA reference model.
Application module
An application module is an application-specific, in most cases, independent application component within a GIS.
Application schema
An application schema is a concept-based schema which identifies object/feature classes, object-specific relations, methods, and many more.
Area of outstanding natural beauty
An area of outstanding natural beauty is less strictly protected than a conservation area/nature reserve. In many cases, it is larger than a nature reserve and is subjected to less comprehensive land use restrictions.
Abbreviation for 'American Standard Code for Information Interchange'. The ASCII character system comprises all characters and symbols of a commonly used keyboard, except those which represent special European characters, such as, the ä, ö, ü Umlaute as well as ß, ø or æ. Today, Unicode character encoding serves as a means to digitally capture these special characters.
Association of Cities Rhineland-Palatinate (Städtetag Rheinland-Pfalz)
The Association of Cities Rhineland-Palatinate is an association of independent as well as of district-integrated major and medium-sized cities in Rhineland-Palatinate. The turnkey municipal authority is a member of the Association of Towns and Municipalities of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Association of Towns and Municipalities Rhineland-Palatinate (Gemeinde- und Städtebund Rheinland-Pfalz, GstB)
The Association of Towns and Municipalities Rhineland-Palatinate represents the interests of municipalities in Rhineland-Palatinate vis à vis Federal State governments and the Federal government. The organization engulfs several thousand municipalities and associations. It is also a member of the Association of Towns and Municipalities of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Amtliches Topographisch Kartographisches Informationssystem (ATKIS) - The Official Topographic Cartographic Information System is a digital geo topographic information system with a nation-wide uniform format. ATKIS comprises the following components: Digital Landscape Models (DLM), Digital Terrain Models (DGM), Digital Topographic Maps (DTM), Digital Orthophotos (DOP). ATKIS is conceived to match the ALKIS data model.
ATKIS Feature Type Catalogue
Objektkartenkatalog (ATKIS-OK) - The ATKIS-based Feature Type Catalogue (ATKIS-FTC) structures landscapes on the basis of topographic information and determines the representation of landscape objects/features displayed in the Digital Landscape Model (DLM). Objects are assigned with additional (e.g. thematic) attributes, which allows for mapping landscapes in a more differentiated and refined manner. New feature types and attributes may be added to supplement ATKIS-FTC.
Attributes are typical object features. The individual structure of each feature type is described as an attribute type in the Feature Type Catalogue.
Aufsichts- und Dienstleistungsdirektion (ADD)
Aufsichts- und Dienstleistungsdirektion (ADD)- The Supervisory and Service Directorate is a central administrative body of Rhineland-Palatinate based in Trier. ADD is a Higher Federal State Authority and functions state-wide as an agent between the Federal State government and self-administrative municipal authorities in the districts, cities and local communities. Their sovereignty entails tasks instituted among other things in the fields of schooling, welfare services and agriculture.