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Bugfix in INSPIRE ATOM Feed Client

We fixed some small bugs in our INSPIRE ATOM Feed  webclient, so that the client is now able to consume the feeds from Spain and Poland.

Example from Spain

Example from Poland


Search for "open data"

From now on, you can search for open data inside the GeoPortal.rlp. All results will be filtered likewise.

Therefor you have to use the button "extended search" at the top of the homepage. At the next page you can...


Survey about the implementation of the EU INSPIRE-guideline

The European Environment Agency started a survey which has the aim to get an overview of the already reached.This survey addresses itself to provider and to user (government and other medium of interest included). It should allow...


Open government data portal activated

The prime minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer, activated the new online gateway for open governmental data during the CeBIT.

Press release on youtube

The gateway bundles unrestricted-use stock of data from the...


Information about development plans in GeoPortal.rlp

Lastly VG Untermosel published a short press release about the aallocation of development plans inside the GeoPortal.rlp. You can find the following information on their homepage:



regional fora "geodata - fit for the future" on september 14th, 19th and 25th

Presentation from the ministry of the interior, of sport and infrastructure for Rhineland-Palatinate

Short description

Rhineland-Palatinate for education and expert covering.Information events for training companies inside the...


information about the INSPIRE conference 2012

The INSPIRE conference of this year took place from June 23rd until 27th in Istanbul. This event should offer a platform for all who are concerned from INSPIRE to compare notes with others about the resent developments and the...


EU publishes implementing rule for INSPIRE download services

On June 14th 2012 the first EU implementing rule for the allocation of download services was published by a work group of the European commission. Different variants of allocation will be introduced which should help to comply...


updating of the search for addresses

Tha base data were updated which are used for the search of addresses.


INSPIRE info presentation in RLP

The central center GDI-RP will perform in the close future more info presentation about INSPIRE because of its function as INSPIRE contact point in Rhineland-Palatinate. The aim is to advice and assist geo data handle...


Standard land value in new design

From now on the standard land values 2012 are available and can be seen directly as basic version or can be ordered as premium service.

The service is now presented in a new design, so that the problematic with overlapping areas...


metadata researchable at INSPIRE

Yesterday was the day where you could find and unse data of Rhineland-Palatinate which are concerned by INSPIRE at the EU Geoportal. After an adaptation of the Geoportal prototyp through the Joint Research Center of the European...


guidance paper for identification of INSPIRE relevanter geo daten

Fom the INSPIRE directive concered centers have to allocate the operation figures of the year 2011 until May 15th 2012 (INSPIRE monitoring).

A work group of the GDI-DE worked out a guidance paper for those centers about the...


Innovation at the map combinaations

From now on, map combinations (WMC) which are not older than seven days will be marked with a yellow star and the label "new". They are listed on the first place collateral.

This mark may have the following meanings...


new search of addresses inside the map viewer

Inside the map viewer there is a secondary search for addresses available.

The new search box is arranged in the upper left corner of the map window - if you want to, you can close this box by clicking the symbol next to it....


easy change of transparency


From now on you can change the transparency inside the map viewer much more comfortable.  Therefor you have to go to the WMS settings (). Beneath the listed service there is a line for each view service which is named...


changed succession inside the legend and the layer tree

Since today the succession of the legend and the layer tree will be presented in an upside down display.

Services which are loaded last and their legends will now be displayed on top of all entries and not - like before - on...


Access of GDK-DE

Since February second 2012 the GDK-DE ist connected to the GeoPortal.rlp. This catalog bunches all space-related resources of information from the public administration. Inside this catalog you can investigate for view services...


cultural monuments and monument zones are available

The GDKE set up a viewing service about the cultural monuments and monumental zones. This viewing service can be used by everyone.

At the moment you can only see datas of the area around Neustadt at the Weinstraße. This offer...


clearing of

During the CeBIT, which takes place between March 6th and 10th, at the booth of the GDI Germany the Geoportal.DE will be presented and on March 6th at 12 o'clock it will be official cleared.

The Geoportal.DE is a development of...


clearing of the Gdi info tour

The work group GDI-Südhessen has developed and cleared a ne homepage which handels the thematic GDI: externer

The GDI info tou offers an easy, didactic structured and motivating entrance into the thematic: in...


faster backgroup map

Since January 24th 2012 the speed of the daily actual backgroup map (map RP) could be fastened to its double speed.

This could be possible because of a change  (virtualization) of the sercer at the LDI which also effected...


cadastrel map in new design

Since today you can see and work with the over-worked cadastrel map (basic service) inside the GeoPortal.rlp. It is available in a new design.

The map is based on the actual ALKIS-system.


German Guidance papers about INSPIR view services publicated

"The workgroup Geo services of the GDI-DE finished his work on the German speacking guidance papers about the realization of INSPIRE compliant view services. The document explains the requirement with concrete examples and...


INSPIRE technical guidance documents for discovery- and viewservices

There are new INSPIRE- technical guidance documents for discovery and view services version 3.1 available.

You can reach the guidance documents with the following links:

Technical guidance for INSPIRE View service, version...


Important: server relocation on november 25th

Because of a server re-setting at the LDI it can be possible that an november 25th between 8:05 and 8:30 short failures can appear. We please you to apologize this discomfort and to consider this according to your work plan.



New documents for the comunal server

From now on there are more and more recent documents and instructions for the usage of the comunal server, for the compilation of the attributes and for the georeferencing. The documents were overworked and brought to keep up to...


GeoPortal.rlp goes twitter

Since today it is possible to follow each change of data sources inside GeoPortal.rlp on twitter. Besides the RSS feeds so far you can inform yourself easily if new information resources were abandoned, changed or deleted.



Milestone within the implementing of the INSPIRE directive reached

GDI-RP reached the next milestone within the implementing of the EU-INSPIRE directive. Since november 9th, 56 resources  of geo datas will be offered with INSPIRE conform viewservices. With this activity the INSPIRE...


INSPIRE claims for november 9th 2011

The INSPIRE timetable asks for operational discovery and view services.

That means that Member States shall ensure that metadata are created for the spatial data sets and services corresponding to the themes listed in Annexes I,...


SOLVED problems with the visualisation of the aerial pictures metadatas

The overlaying illustration of the aerial picture metadatas - the image of the date of flight - is available again.

The nuisance before was solved. We thank you for your comprehension and we will still work furthermore for a...


Booth mentoring during INTERGEO in Nürnberg from 27th. to 29th. of september 2011

INTERGEO happens in the metropolitan area Nürnberg this year and it attends to the device "knowledge and chaffer for the earth". This isn't just important for the generation right now, but it also communicates a...


Measure frame muting into the print

From now on there is a new function linkage available:

now you can transfer the corner points from the measure into the print. The calculated value of the measures elements can't be written in the print automatically. But you...


New development within the range of metadata


From now on you can use the INSPIRE-validator directly from the GeoPortal.rlp homepage. With a single click on the symbol (you can see on the screenshot on the right) the bound metadatas will be validated. After that you get a...


Metadata of the GeoPortal.rlp available in Web Catalogue for Geospatial Data-DE

Since yesterday all metadata from the Geoportal.rlp are available in Geoportal.bund. The Geoportal of the Federal Government  allows a research in the central catalogue of Geospatial Information from the total area of...


Use of the GeoPortal.rlp with IE9

GeoPortal.rlp was optimized  basically to be used from modern net browsern (Firefox >= 3, Chrome, Internet Explorer >= 6). Regrettably there are still problems with the new Internet Explorer 9.

Since today the...


INSPIRE metadata editor

There are more information available about the INSPIRE metadata editor. Just click the following links:


We neccessarily regard to...


News about INSPIRE implementation

May 9th 2011 is an important milestone in implementing the European INSPIRE-directive. Until this point in time the concerned institutions must have made both metadata for their geodata and viewing services (WMS) available....


prototype of the Geoportal.rlp for a mobile application

During the following years it will become more and more important to offer additional applications for mobile clients. Most people assume that a bigger part of the internet communication will work with these devices.

To be...


Site relaunch during the FOSSGISS exposition 2011 in Heidelberg


  The site relaunch of the GeoPortal.rlp-site was introduced on the conference about free and open source software for geo-information systems (FOSSGIS) in Heidelberg. During the half-hour lecture the newest developments...


Performance issues on account of firewall change-over

On account of the change-over into the new Service24 architecture of the Management Agency data and information ( on friday the 13th Nov. the use of Geoportals can result in higher response times. We are...


!IMPORTANT: Short-term malfunction on the 11.11.2009!

Because of operation systems upgrades on the 11.11.2009 the Geoportal.rlp is not available for a short term. The attendance should take no longer than 10 minutes. Thank you for your appreciation.


New OWS security solution in the GeoPortal.rlp

A Beta Version of a security solution for OGC web services (only for WMS at the moment) is available for the GeoPortal.rlp. The services registered in the  GeoPortal.rlp now are able at owner's request to provide a HTTP...


Login procedure for registered users changed

The login for registered users into the GeoPortal.rlp used the save HTTPS protocol form today on.Therefor it is necessary to accept the * certificate issued by the Federal State Data and Information Service...


Integration GeoRSS in Geoportal.rlp

The Geoportal.rlp now offers the posibility of integrating GeoRSS Feeds ( externer ). You can pass  GeoRSS-Feed URL as starting parameter to the geoportal. The geometries are displayed asa red dots or boxes in...


Land parcel search up again

The nationwide land parcel serach engine is available for your service again after finishing the bugfixing on the server issue. We beg your pardon for this defect.


Failure of land parcel search

Due to an server error the countrywide land parcel search externer is not available at the moment. The responsible department is assigned with...


External meta data search functional

The search engine for meta data using Umweltportal Deutschland externer is back for use. Therewith is the access of at least 55 map services provided by further federal states. Furthermore the interface was revised...


Meta data search affected

Due to the adjustment of the interchange format of the meta data the search for the herein meta data  of the  Umweltportal Deutschland is currently not operational.The search for meta data in Rheinland-Pfalz is not...


New service of the LUWG

The Federal State Environment, Water Management and Industrial Trade Control Office (LUWG) registered a new WebMapService. The service offers the display of todays potentially natural vegetation  (HpnV) in ...