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externer LinkGeoportal Berlin

GeoPortal Berlin is a service that is designed both to provide a platform for potential customers who wish to solicit products and services in the field of geodesy and geo information and to direct them to competent geo providers, in particular, to geodesy centers in the State of Berlin in compliance with §2 of the Law on Geodesy in Berlin (VermGBln) in its applicable version from 9 January, 1996 (Journal of Laws and Ordinances for Berlin, page 56)

externer LinkGeoportal Hesse

GeoPortal Hesse serves as a central point of access to Spatial Data Infrastructure Hesse and as a guide for all spatial-related products and services offered by the State Administration Hesse. Within the GDI system, GeoPortal Hesse was set up to ensure that decentralized geo information can be tapped across a whole range of geo-related domains in compliance with rules and regulations set forth by respective expert bodies.

externer LinkGeo Data Portal Lower Saxony

Geo Data Portal Lower Saxony ensures the central access to the integrated use of geo data distributed by the State Administration, local authorities and other geo providers. The portal serves as a broker between data providers and users of geo data. In its capacity as an internet-based platform and in compliance with existing norms and standards, the portal provides users with the opportunity to use metadata to research information and data across a whole range of geo-related topics, to visualize data and to gain access to both geo basic data and geo technical data.

externer LinkGeoportal Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

GeoPortal MV ( GeoPortal Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) forms an integral part of the geo data infrastructure system provided by the State of Mecklenburg-Pomerania (GDI-MV). It provides you with the opportunity to search geo data pertaining to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, to query and view geo data quickly and in a convenient manner as well as to gain access to geo web services made available online.

externer LinkGDI Schleswig-Holstein

Information pertaining to objects as well as spatial data and facts (geo information) represent a prime commodity and have come to be regarded as a key resource by today‘s information society. Geo Data Infrastructure (GDI) was created with the aim to cater to the need of administrative bodies, businesses, scientific institutions and last but not least of citizens to make access to a whole range of geo data considerably easier for them. This is to be ensured via optimized coordination methods as well as by way of a fully-fledged tapping of the opportunities resulting from today’s state-of-the-art information technology at European, national and regional level.

externer LinkGeoMIS Thüringia

GeoMIS Thuringia is a search machine that helps you to view geo data pertaining to Thuringia in an transparent manner. Geo metadata describe both basic and technical data. By recurring to the broker functionalities, you have an opportunity to gain accesss to additional metadata systems, such as, the Environmental Data Catalogue (UDK) or the metadata system of the Working Committee of the Surveying Authorities (AdV). The basic portal functionality of GeoMIS Thuringia makes it a key element of the geo data infrastructure to be set up in Thuringia.



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