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Geo reference data

Geo reference data (GRD) represent a subset of geo data and are used to describe the topography as well as plots and buildings in an unbiased way. In essence, geo referenced data are made available by the Surveying and Cadastar Adminstration of Rhineland-Palatinate to serve as a basis for a panoply of applications. Geo reference data consist of graphical and descriptive elements as well as of image data.

In the field of graphical representation, the core elements of geo reference data include, in particular, data derived from the Automated Real Estate Map (Automatisierte Liegenschaftskarte, ALK), the Official Topographic Cartographic Information System (Amtliches topographisch-kartographisches Informationssystem, ATKIS), digital terrain and digital elevation models as well as scanned topographic maps.

Data are described on the basis of the information provided in the automated official real estate cadastre as well as the definitions on the reference systems with the terrestrial reference frame.

Image data include, in particular, aerial photos along with processed and rectified orthophotos as well as satellite pictures.

Geo reference data represent the basis for generating value-added chains to benefit not only political entities, businesses, administrative authorities, but also the individual. Geo reference data can best unfold and can most effectively and extensively be used if made available online in an up-to-date manner.