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Inside the geo data infrastructure of Rhineland-Palatinate the GeoPortal.rlp inherit the central duty a service orientated branch exchange between user and offerer of geo data. The GeoPortal.rlp establishes the access to geo data over the electronic network.

The GeoPortal.rlp was brought on line on January, 8th 2007 for the first time, on February, 2nd 2011 it occured a site-relaunch.

"Search data - choose result - show map"

is the most important functionality for the search and the online access to distributed geo data assets and their visualization.The concept of the distributed data management where the responsibility for the data stays at the appropriate place allows a high data actuality.The geo data offer allows the user the possibility to create a personal geo data product.
The consequent use of accepted ISO standards and OGC standards inside the GeoPortal.rlp allows an uncomplicated data exchange.