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About us

The geo portal is a project initiated by the Interministerial Committee for Geo Information Rhineland-Palatinate (IMAGI-RP).

The Interministerial Committee for Geo Information Rhineland-Palatinate (IMAGI-RP) was established under the chairmanship and management of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Sports in early 2004. In a first place, the idea was to optimize the coordination of geo information systems within Rhineland-Palatinate. In a second place, the aim was to provide an interface to the activities instituted at federal level.

Members of IMAGI-RP include the Federal Ministry of Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture; Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Youth Affairs and Culture;  Federal Ministry of Justice, Federal Ministry of Finance; Federal Ministry for the Environment, Forestry and Consumer protection; Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Welfare, Health, Family and Women; State Chancellery Rhineland-Palatinate; Association of Towns and Municipalities; Association of Cities for Rhineland-Palatinate; County Administration Rhineland-Palatinate; Federal State Data and Information Service and the Technical College of Mainz.

The ‘Competence and Business Center GDI-RP' (KGSt) was set up in the Federal State Office for Surveying and Geo Information (LVermGeo) and is tasked with the implementation of GDI-RP.

On 24 May, 2005, the federal government adopted a cabinet decision on entrusting IMAGI-PR with the political mandate of establishing a geo data infrastructure in Rhineland-Palatinate. This mandate is geared at implementing the following approach:

Creation of geo metadata

Implementation of a geo portal along with the installation of a geo metadata network

Extension of the geo portal to include web services to ensure that geo data can be mapped by each user and to provide a possibility to order geo data online.