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Nowadays administration also follows the way of digital improvement. EGovernment concerns various parts of administration like the economic system. Administration, econimy and citizens always had problems with the availability and accessibility to severally information and data.The access could be lightened a lot if the geo data can be used combined and if they can be attached interoperable. This can save oneself walking many times to several administrations. Because of different responsibilities the search and the access to geo data can cause a huge expenditure of time.The bonding of geo data into the own or into other systems can be hindered or impossible because of diverging data structures and because of not-used defaults. A geo data infrastructure establishes a technical, organizational and administrative basis for the pooling, accessibility and the use of interoperable geo data and geo data services.

A geo data infrastructure(short GDI) should lighten the access to current geo information - for experts as well as for laymen inside and outside the administration. The inserting of geo data into a GDI should hasten business processes.Services to the public as well as to the economy can be topped. Thereby medium- and long-term costs can be saved as well as precious time.

The GeoPortal.rlp allows the central search and visualization of geo data. Thereby users attain easier and faster to the designated information. An interoperable retrieval and lossless exchange of geo data can only be arranged through the use of harmonized standards and defaults.