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Access via results of a search request

In our example with the search term "Wittlich" we created a search result. After clicking the element "Wittlich" in the category "addresses" the map viewer opened showing the following map view:


The map is zoomed and centered at the district of Wittlich, so that it is not necessary to search and zoom manually.
Now we would like to add a development plan. By using the back-button of our web browser we get back to the search results. We choose the development plan "Wittlich, Sehlemet II" and add it to our map. Thereupon the following map view is generated:

The development plan is now added to the map and to the layer tree. By clicking on a layer name you can access the layer's metadata.

In our example the development plan is visualised as the top level of our map. To move the layer down, use the button . The following menu gives us the possibility to move layers with the up- and down-arrows:

After moving down the development plan under the layer "Rheinland-Pfalz", we notice that the roads are now displayed over our development plan.

The standard ground values are still missing in our example. To add this information to the map, we enter the search term "Bodenrichtwert" (Standard Ground Value) and press the search-button. After that we choose the service "Bodenrichtwerte" from the subcategory "Wirtschaft" and add it to our map:



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Tutorial (Show map)

The functionality "Show map" can be accessed in two different ways:

  • access via the results of a search request
  • direct access without search request

Direct access without search request

The map viewer can also be accessed without search request. To open the map viewer click on the tab 'maps'. First you see an overview map of Rhineland-Palatinate. When zooming in other elements of the standard map layers such as digital orthophotos, streets and cities get visible.