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Search data

The central acces for searching data is located in the left-most column of the web pages:

In the input field you see the default value "Search term" or "Suchbegriff". Now we replace this default value by our own search term "Wittlich" and activate the search by clicking the "Search"-Button or by hitting "return" on our keyboard.

Searching for the district of Wittlich is sufficient for getting an overview of all geo data related to the term "Wittlich".

While executing a search, the program tries to find data in the following categories:

  1. Addresses
  2. Services
  3. Info
  4. Wiki
  5. Metadata
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Tutorial (Search data)

In the following the procedure of geo data search and visualisation will be explained based on an example. You can get further information on several functionalities of GeoPortal.rlp by clicking the -symbol.

Inportant information: The descriptions andillustrations of the following example are related to the moment of creating this tutorial. Search results etc. can show other contents due to additional information which was added at a later date.

Our example:

Let us assume you were interested in standard land values (In german: Bodenrichtwerte) of the district Wittlich. Initially we need to look up in GeoPortal.rlp which geo data is available for the district of Wittlich.


After activating the search the results are shown in a summary.


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