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Tutorial (Choose result)

In our example the data search for "Wittlich" shows the following results:

First of all we get a summary of the results which is divided into the categories addresses, services, info, wiki and metadata.


In the category "addresses" five results for the search term "Wittlich" could be found, because there are several data sets with different spatial extents. For example "Wittlich, Stadt" covers the area of Wittlich city and "Bernkastel-Wittlich" covers the area of Bernkastel-Wittlich county.

By clicking an element you will be referred directly to the map view.

We choose the entry "Wittlich (Wohnplatz)" in the category "addresses". The map viewer is showing up and the map is centered and zoomed to the district of Wittlich. By using the back-button of the web browser we can go back to the search results.

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In our example the category "services" shows that there are more services available than listed in the summary. By clicking on the services-tab we get the following view:

The services are associated to one or more subcategories by the data provider:


The listing shows the available services for our example district. Most of the services available for Wittlich are development plans (Bebauungsplan). A click on the headline offers in-depth information about the service. The service metadata containing also a preview and the spatial extent of the service is displayed in a new window.

Symbols of the search result listing:

This service contains several layers with partly different topics.

This service consists of one layer with one topic.

By activating the checkbox you can choose the layers you want to display in the map.

This symbol shows that a service is not accessable for the user. The service can only be accessed from registered and authorised users.
For not authorised users only the service's metadata is available. Clicking the lock symbol will generate an e-mail-inquiry to the respective data provider.


The selected services can be visualised in the map by clicking the button "Add to map":

We choose the service "Wittlich, Sehlemet II" from the category "Landnutzung/Planung/Kataster" and add it to the map. Thereupon the map viewer occurs.

In the next step we are going to add the missing information about standard ground values.


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The Category "Info" contains links to web pages in GeoPortal.rlp which contain our search term. By clicking an element In our example there is no result for the category "Info".

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tThe category "metadata" lists elements which are found in the connected metadata catalogues. The search results are subdivided in several tabs for each metadata catalogue.

The results of the metadata search cannot be visualised in the map. The whole purpose of the metadata is ist to give the user information about the existence of geo data. To see the metadata just click on an entry of the result list.
In our example we choose the element "TK50 Wittlich". In a new window the corresponding information is shown.



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