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Titel Germany overview provided by metaspatial.net powered by MapServer 6.2
Art der Ressource Kartendienst - Bild - Kartendienst
Ressourcenidentifikator 30588
Informationen zum Dienst 1814
Zusammenfassung This service provides topographic, infrastructure and ordnance data for Germany. The data has been collated form different sources including the CIA factbook and postal codes Germany available at http://arnulf.us/PLZ This service and contained data are intended for demonstration purposes and can be changed or decommissioned at any time and without prior notice. Please use as is. Nobody will take any responsibility for what you do. Have fun. For further information or professional use please visit http://metaspatial.net
Abfragbarkeit Ebene nicht abfragbar
Koordinatenreferenzsysteme (mit BBOX) EPSG:4326 EPSG:25832 EPSG:4258 EPSG:31466 EPSG:31467 EPSG:31468 EPSG:3035
Eckpunkte in geogr. Koordinaten 5.22593,47.0538,15.5611,55.1187
Maximaler Maßstab 1 : 1

Inhaltlich verantwortliche Stelle

Organisation European Spatial Infrastructure Network
Adresse Rue de Nord 76
Ort 1000 Brussels
Email patricia.sokacova@eurogeographics.org

Technisch verantwortliche Stelle

Organisation metaspatial
Ansprechpartner Arnulf Christl
Adresse Heerstr. 162
53111 Bonn
Telefon +491722958004
Email arnulf.christl@metaspatial.net
Status Stabil
Verfügbarkeit 96.69 %
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